Roger Saul, Founder of Mulberry and The Prince's Charities

What We Did

With just two weeks until the main event, we were brought on to manage the inaugural START Eco Car Parade on Buckingham Palace Mall for 16,000 people.

14 days to activate sponsorships, design, source and coordinate a themed village, manage all VIP comms with the talent involved, and source and coordinate suppliers across production to entertainment.

We created an eco village concept to run alongside the main Parade, creating a celebrity hospitality area with grass covered furnishings, pop up organic F&B bars and luxury onsite toilets, all made of natural materials.

Working with the Met Police and Clarence House throughout the process, we created a tight security schedule, assessing every possible risk and outcome based on the location of this event and people involved.

A hugely rewarding and fast-paced project which resulted in positive exposure of this incredible charity and the creation of a fun and topical public event.

Caroline Whitmey joined us on a major national event; It involved charity, celebrity and a tight budget. Her and her team were incredibly efficient, highly motivated and proactive. Their whole focus was on a ‘can do’ basis, whilst at the same time being realistic as to what we could pull off. I would be delighted to work with Caroline Whitmey again.
— Roger Saul, Founder of Mulberry
She did a fantastic job with flair and good humour, pulling numerous rabbits out of hats for us. Her attention to detail was superb. She was at ease dealing with high profile individuals as well as with the general public and worked throughout with the highest integrity. In short, it was a pleasure to do business with her.
— Saskia Murk-Jansen, Clarence House